3 Quarantine Survival Tools

Now more than ever, it’s important to take time to re-evaluate. The way we creators, and all other workers earn a living has been flipped upside down like never before. While this is incredibly overwhelming and scary, it’s also an opportunity to notice our blind spots. One of the biggest lessons from this whole fiasco is the importance of having multiple skillsets. The ability to pivot in times of crisis and find new ways to support yourself or modify your current way of doing business is crucial. 

Our motto is “Bomb your Boundaries.” That means exploding through any and all obstacles to make your creative vision a reality. Normally these boundaries are self imposed. Boundaries of self doubt, anxiety, traumatic childhoods, or online “haters,” but now it’s different.

We’re up against a global boundary of real fear and a real health crisis. We can use this temporary limit to learn an incredible amount about ourselves if we choose to. We can use this time to reflect and really understand what our core strengths are and in turn modify those strengths to fit the current state of this “new normal.” We can bomb the boundaries of our own complacency and realize we are capable of learning what we don’t know, of leading better than we have before, of creating more authentically than we have been. We can take this time of uncertainty and turn it into empowerment. 

Here’s some resources that are helping me do that very thing. I hope they help you too. 

1) SKILLSHARE- Go to Skillshare.com and sign up for their free two month trial. You’ll have access to hundreds of courses ranging from Facebook ad mastery to product photography led by some of the world’s best. You can even sign up as an instructor if you’re skilled in any of the areas offered and have an opportunity to earn some extra income.

2) “It Takes What It Takes” by Trevor Moawad- This is a powerful book I’m reading right now on the topic of “neutral” thinking. Not thinking too positive or too negative, but rather taking an honest and neutral approach to challenges. The timing of this book could not be more perfect. Trevor is one of the top instructors on mental toughness for the NFL and other professional sports organizations. His approach to handling each moment as if it has a history of its own is very calming in these uncertain times. Listen to it on audible or purchase the hardcopy from wherever you buy books.

3) 20 Pushups and 20 Sit Ups every hour- For the hours of 9-5 that you would normally be at work, keep your body moving by doing these simple exercises. It’s just enough to reset your mindset and keep you focused on positivity by giving you a short break throughout the day.

Thank you so much to each and everyone of you for your support. Whether you have purchased something from us or simply stopped by our tent at an event, we appreciate and love you. Stay strong and let’s get through this together!!

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